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Oh how tumblr rp seems to revolve around gif conversations. Forbid you use a face that doesn’t have a fan base that makes hundreds of gifs, because you’ll be shit out of luck when you join a rolplay most times. Which is a shame, there are so many underused faces out there, just because they haven’t done a lot of popular movies or TV shows.

Now don’t get me wrong, having gif conversations can be helpful. Just like IC games on forums, they can help to build relationships between characters, as well as set off possible ideas and plots. The thing is, people tend to fall into a lazy habit of only doing only gif chats. Which is a big pile of steaming crap if you ask me. You need to write for your character, not just have a couple lines of text and some often times irrelevant gif. You can’t very well build your character on shit like that now can you? Wait, why am I even asking that question, I forgot how shallow most roleplayers are. You just want to see pretty faces. Fuck having actual content and depth. Fuck my life.

Of course, there are exceptions to all things. There are people that use gif convos like the tools they are. Instead of a few lines of shitty dialog, they post a paragraph for someone to respond to, including actions. I don’t have a problem with something like that. Keeping it short allows for a quickfire of responses and interactions, which is nice to have. Especially when you’re not in the mood to write multiple paragraphs for a reply. When used to fish up ideas, or do a quick scene, I can understand using gifs.

The thing is, if you don’t have a gif which would really help the convo, you don’t need one in order to carry on. When I do roleplay, I often times use a gif to inspire an interaction, or to underline something happening in scene. What I don’t do is keep spamming gifs all over the place. In the end it saves me time. I mean, if there were pictures strewn throughout the novel I’m trying to write, I doubt people would want tor read it. Images are just too fucking distracting. If I wanted to see the a storyline, I’d watch a damn movie.

So I guess the point of this rant is to bitch about the fact that people on tumblr seem to have this strange need to see moving pictures, when the point of roleplaying in text form is to use text.

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