There are no clean getaways.

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I’m going to give you the good with the bad. 

I am sure that those who seem to give a fuck about me noticed my falling off the face of the earth. I’m sorry to say that was because life enjoys being a cruel bitch, and that battle I was fighting came to an end. Cancer is gone, for now at least, but I’m very very sick thanks to the route we took to beat it. I’m on the road to recovering from one crap hand, only to have life deal me another bum one. So I may not get to the things I want to because I have more important things to do — spending time with my family being at the top of that list. So if you want, pray for me, send happy thoughts or well wishes. Anything is welcome. If luck has it, I’ll pull through this without complication. Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone.

Remember, Driver is always watching.

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HOW TO WRITE AN OC (requested by anon)

I’m going to start this guide with a sort of story. Once, long ago, the term ‘oc’ didn’t exist. They were simply called characters, because the notion of the admins creating all the characters for a game was foreign. Independent roleplaying happened frequently on sites like Neopets, and when joining a forum, you were expected to fill out complete applications that included writing multiple paragraphs on both personality and history, you listed their likes and dislikes, you provided in character samples. Most roleplayers had a handful of characters they could pull out of their back pocket when joining a roleplay, but almost everyone enjoyed creating new characters anyway. Maybe I’m just the cranky old woman telling everyone how it was ‘back in my day’, but I miss that. So here is a guide on how to create an ‘oc’, for all those that want to, but have no idea where to start. But also for those who need a refresher course in character creation.

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You can join me on my porch as I sit there and yell at the kids on the lawn.

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The problem with a lot of color scheme charts.  


The colors might look great together, they might look beautiful even. But just because they look nice together, doesn’t mean they work well on a theme. You need to make a theme with the  colors before you make a scheme, or the people trying to use these colors will end up disappointed.

This is true. Colors that might look fucking epic together might not mesh well. They might be too close to the hue or shade of something, so when using one as text and one as the background, things might be hard to read. It might be a bitch to do the work and set up a theme with a scheme, but in the end it would work better. You could even make PSDs for photos and all that to help people make art that will match.

All that they’re suggesting is to just make sure that if you are saying the colors can be used for themes, try and take into account how things will work together. You could label what colors in the scheme might be better for accents, what might be good for text, and what would be better as a background. Which is easier to do if you set up a theme to see how they act together.

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I need to get off my ass and do some real work. 


I’ll try and get to the reviews sitting in my inbox, but I can’t promise anything. Right now I do know that I owe a few people in Aevum — that comes first. Not to mention doing the activity check things. So if you need anything I’ll be sitting here lurking. Just don’t expect a lot out of me because I’m more than a little busy right now, so replies to conversations will be lacking.

Not that anyone is talking to me.

I drive

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Frankn Furter Helps 

While the blog is new, the person is not. I know them as Bumper from the time she helped on Amy’s RPH. She is also one of the people that make my special human list, so give a follow and you won’t regret it.

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Fat Amy RPH 

Because this girl is a sweetheart and gives out pretty damn good advice and help, I’m going to toss her into the group of people that get my love. Trust me there are very little people in the world which make that category.

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Jowen RPH 

These pair of writers are sweet as hell, despite one of them being a little gruff at times. When you need help with pretty much anything you can count on them do what they can for you. Give them a little love because they are rather new.

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code // live preview

* note : sidebar I used is 370 x 700 px
like if you are using, or if you just like it, enjoy! ♥


* note : sidebar I used is 370 x 700 px

like if you are using, or if you just like it, enjoy! 

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Scrolling down my dash looking at content. 

All of the sudden multi-gender blowjobs all over the place.


Roleplayer Tip #1 


A faceclaim or muse is not who the player is.

Having roleplay chemistry with someone is great and can make your roleplaying experience incredibly fun — I am at my most creative when paraing with people I just mesh with — however, mun is not muse. Just because I am playing a male character does not mean that I’m a guy and, even if I was, it doesn’t mean that I am hitting on you when my character is.

THIS. I talked about this I think… Yes, I did.

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Just thought I’d put my two-cents into the RP community for a second. I know we’re not perfect, and half of us write through inhumane sleeping schedules, but if you’re planning on writing out a plot for a roleplay of yours, I strongly advise that you proofread. And as if we were in school or something, have a friend peer edit it. I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s kind of a turn off if the immediate plot, especially if it’s the sidebar plot, has typos in it. Like I said though, we all make mistakes but let’s be real; a lot of people judge a roleplay on a first-look basis. But yeah, make sure you proofread for any silly grammar and spelling errors, or just plain typos in general.


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Here’s a tip for you… 

Just because your character’s bio has a set number of specific relationships/connections with other characters attached in their bio doesn’t mean you should limit your character’s interactions with ONLY those characters. Interact with other characters too! You’re only selling not only your character, but yourself short if you don’t interact with other people your characters don’t already know. You never know what alliances or friendships your character will make interacting with other people. And who knows! Those unwritten relationships that you make could be preeettty handy to pull strings with for plots made in the future! 


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